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Iowa State vs. Kentucky
Congrats to the Cyclones for the win on Thursday night after the win over UConn. I agree with Bill Raftery, UConn didn't come out looking like they wanted to play and it showed. Also, the Huskies looked like they thought they were going to find a bunch of midwestern hicks rolling out of the cornfields of Ames. Sorry guys, this team is tough. 

I stated on the Gym Class that if ISU met up with Kentucky it could be a barn burner. Both teams like to fly up and down the court and Iowa State has the athletes that can keep up with the 'Cats. On the other hand though, Kentucky's forwards will be the best matchup that Royce White has seen all year without a doubt.

I believe Kentucky will win, especially with around 18,000 of the Big Blue Nation behind them in nearby Louisville, but the Cyclones will make them earn it.

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Final Four picks
Here we are at one of the two best times of the sports calendar...March Madness. Time to reveal my Final Four teams and my National Champion.

I like two number one seeds and a pair of number two's. I see both Kentucky and North Carolina heading out to New Orleans. Too much talent with both of those two teams. The teams that will join them will be Missouri and Ohio State. I like the inside-outside game for the Buckeyes and the Tigers have terrific experienced guards and are lightning quick.

   For the final game, I like the two number two seeds to meet for all the marbles. It will be Missouri vs. Ohio State. As for the winner...I see Missouri cutting down the nets. Is that a win for the Big 12 or the SEC?! We will worry about that if the time comes.

   Good luck to everyone with your brackets.

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