KGYM Sports View

Parity Has Been Restored in the NBA

Kyle says this year’s free agency period brought balance to the NBA


Scott Unash talks about the MLB going to London and still not getting things right.

Willson Contreras Is Trying to Help

Kyle thinks baseball purists need to appreciate what guys like Willson Contreras bring to the sport.

The 2019 US Open…another memorable event

Scott Unash talks about the 2019 US Open at Pebble Beach and the winner Gary Woodland.

The St. Louis Blues are 2019 Stanley Cup Champions

Prepare for Moss to Succeed at Kansas

Isaiah Moss is going to have success at Kansas, and I know that’s going to make some of you mad. But it shouldn’t be directed at him.

Iowa Basketball into the Graduate Transfer business

Scott Unash talks about Bakari Evelyn coming into the Iowa BKB program after Isaiah Moss left…both via the new transfer rules.

Why the Warriors and Raptors?

I think the teams in the NBA Finals share a certain characteristic that has been somewhat overlooked.