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Here are some deep thoughts I come up with that we don't always get to on the Show each day. I will cover a broad range of topics, mainly covering sports, but also from other realms as well that I hope you will enjoy.

4A Playoff conjecture 10/23

The 2013 Iowa High School Football playoffs begin next Wednesday, October 30. As we head into week #9 of the regualr season, it's time to speculate about the Class 4A eastern Iowa playoff predictions. Who plays who, and where. The following is the projected first round matchups and the way the teams would be bracketed, base on the favorites winning this week. There are several "tossup" games which could change these predictions in a big way, including City High at Kennedy, Davenport Central at North Scott, Prairie at Waterloo West and Hempstead at Cedar Falls. By the way, this may be the first year since the expanded playoff field that a team with a 4-5 record would not make the playoffs. Here is the rundown in order after tie-breakers have been used:

1. Pleasant Valley (9-0) 425 pts.
2. Dav. Assumption (8-1) 405 pts.
3. IC West (8-1) 405 pts.
4. CR Xavier (8-1) 405 pts.
5.IC High (8-1) 400 pts.
6. Bettendorf (7-2) 385 pts.
7. CR Washington (6-3) 370 pts.
8. Cedar Falls (6-3) 365 pts.
9. CR Kennedy (5-4) 350 pts.
10. CR Prairie (5-4) 350 pts.
11. Muscatine (5-4) 345 pts.
12. North Scott (5-4) 345 pts.
13. Dbq Hempstead (4-5) 330 pts.
14. Clinton (4-5) 330 pts.
15. Dav. Central (4-5) 330 pts.
16. Waterloo West (4-5) 330 pts.

1-Pleasant Valley vs. 16-Wat. West
8-Cedar Falls vs. 9-CR Kennedy
4-CR Xavier vs. 13-Dbq. Hempstead
5-IC High vs. 12-North Scott

2-Dav.Assumption vs. 15-Dav.Central
7-CR Washington vs. 10-CR Prairie
3-IC West vs. 14-Clinton
6-Bettendorf vs. 11-Muscatine
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Spring Football-Early Top 10

With spring football wrapping up over the next couple of weeks, it's a good time to take a leap forward to the end of the summer and which college football programs will be poised to take home a title next January.

Iowa State will end their spring training with a pseudo game this Saturday at Jack Trice, at 1:45pm on 1600 AM KGYM, while the Hawks end theirs the following week with a "open practice" at Kinnick on the 27th. UNI, by the way, has their scrimmage in the Domw also on the 27th.

Here is my pre-pre-season Top 10 heading into fall drills:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon (*Could be on probation by next fall however)
3. Georgia
4. Texas A&M
5. Ohio State
6. Florida
7. LSU
8. Stanford
9. Clemson

Lots of very good talent returning to college football for the 2013 season. It should be fun.

Hit 'em straight!
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Baseball predictions 2013

What a great time of the year! College Basketball is finishing up, the Masters is around the corner...and above all Baseball is here! With that, I give you my predictions for the upcoming season. You can compare them to my colleague Todd Brommelkamp's at his blog, "Sprinkling The Infield", no charge for the plug Todd.

AL East-
1. Tampa Bay
2. Toronto
3.  Baltimore
4. NY Yankees
5. Boston

AL Central-
1. Detroit
2. Chicago White Sox
3. Kansas City
4. Clevelnad
5. Minnesota

AL West-
1. Texas
2. LA Angels
3. Oakland
4. Seattle
5. Houston

NL East-
1. Atlanta
2. Washington
3. Philadelphia
4. NY Mets
5. Miami

NL Central-
1. Cincinnati
2. St. Louis
3. Milwaukee
4. Pittsburgh
5. Chicago Cubs

NL West-
1. San Francisco
2. LA Dodgers
3. Arizona
4. San Diego
5. Colorado

Wild Cards: AL- Toronto, LA Angels  NL- Washington, LA Dodgers
World Series: Detroit over LA Dodgers  6 games

Enjoy a hot dog and a beer at your favorite ballpark this summer!

Hit 'em straight,
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Big 10 Basketball Predictions

Happy 2013!!

I know I promised last year, and why I don't make New Year's resolutions, that I would blog more. Well, this year I mean it. I will blog more.

Let's start off talking Big 10 Basketball and how I see the league race playing out this year. This is as good a year the Big 10 has seen in more than a decade and the play should be fantastic. So here's how one pundit sees the race playing out.

1. Michigan- You win with guards and Michigan is loaded.
2. Indiana- Hoosiers have the talent to go the Final 4
3. Ohio State- Buckeyes are good, but a year away from a title. Craft is an amazing player though. 
4. Michigan State-Never under estimate Tom Izzo. Will go as far as Appling will take them.
5. Minnesota- Dark horse of the league. Mbkawe is the best player in the country, and league, no one has heard of.
6. Illinois- Has the talent, and now the fire under John Groce that they didn't show for Bruce Webber.
7. Iowa- Hawks way better than a year ago, but still a year away from the upper division. Bubble team for sure.
8. Wisconsin- How can the Badgers be 8th. The league is that good.
9. Purdue- Will win some games they shouldn't, but will probably be NIT bound.
10. Northwestern- Poor Bill Carmody, he deserevs some good luck. No Drew Crawford, no NCAA's...again.
11. Nebraska- Will be better, but still don't have the talent to compete for a NCAA bid yet.
12. Penn State- Hit by the injury bug with Tim Frazier going down, and their dreams of a decent season going down also.
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Remembering Tasha

 I was extremely shocked and saddened Sunday when I found out the news of the passing of Latasha Roundtree. Tasha, as she was known by friends and teammates, was a guard for the Washington Girls Varsity Basketball team the last three years. She died from gunshot wounds received early Sunday morning in Cedar Rapids.
   Tasha was a team leader for the Warriors during her career, especially her senior campaign. She had an infectious personality that all at Washington High School seemed to enjoy. While she was not the most out-going person on the team, she was well liked and usually had a smile on her face.
   It had been a hard life for Tasha. She lost her mother some six years, the victim of another senseless crime when her mothers car was hit during a drag race on Mount Vernon Road. Tasha also had to endure not one, but two major knee injuries during her basketball career, Something that is very difficult to deal with once, let alone twice in a span of four years.
   I remember vividly the first time I watched Tasha on the basketball court. It was during her freshman year when she was playing on the Washington Sophomore team at Xavier when the Warriors were playing the Saints. I watch the sophomore games after setting up equipment and while talking to the head coaches and going over notes for the varsity contest. It didn't take long to see that Tasha Roundtree was a terrific player and would be a difference maker some day. She was the prototypical Warrior basketball player that Coach Frank Howell looks for, quick and athletic. She played intense defense and was very good in transition. I remember asking Coach Howell that very night about this young skinny freshman and I remember him telling me that if she continues to improve she will be a difference maker. He was right.
   Tasha's senior season was terrific. She averaged just under ten pojnts a game as the Warriors starting point guard for a team that was rated in the Class 4A polls most of the year. More importantly, she was one of the best passers in the metro and the state. She averaged over five assists a game her final year, which was right there among the best in Iowa. More often than not she would pass the ball off to an open teammate than shoot herself.
   It was her goal to reach the State Tournament in her final year. In what turned out to be her final game, the regional final at Kennedy against Iowa City High, she was having perhaps her finest game of her career just when her team needed her. Roundtree had scored nineteen points into the third quarter and was keeping the Warriors even with the Little Hawks until fate intervened. She went for a steal and fell awkwardly injuring her knee for the second time in her career. She was helped off the court and was tended to by trainers and administrators, but was in too much pain to go back in. The Warriors lost the game and her high school career was over.
   I was happy to hear that Tasha had agreed to play basketball for William Penn College in Oskaloosa. But they wanted her to red-shirt this year and rehab her knee, and for whatever reason, she left school and came back to Cedar Rapids. If she had stayed in Oskaloosa who knows, things may have turned out differently.
   I will miss Tasha as a basketball player for sure, but as a person more. While I didn't get to know her real well off the court, she was someone who genuinely seemed to enjoy life and sharing that with her friends and teammates. An act like this makes us take notice the fact that sports is just a small portion of our lives. But, I'm grateful that sports gave many of us the opportunity to get to know and watch Tasha Roundtree.
Rest in peace.
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