The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn


Todd and Alex talk with Ryan Wood in Hour 1, Tom Kakert in Hour 2, and do the Showdown in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Howard Balzer in Hour 1, discuss some Cubs woes in Hour 2, and chat with Dan Hayes in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Greg Vaughn in Hour 1, Phil Steele in Hour 2, and Paddy Fisher in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Nate Stanley, Michael Ojemudia, and Toren Young in Hour 1, Kirk Ferentz and Adam Rittenberg in Hour 2, and Anthony Herron and Marc Morehouse in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex are in Chicago talking with Casey O’ Brien and Adrian Martinez in Hour 1, Joel Klatt, Kenny Willekes, and Tyler Johnson in Hour 2, and Chad Leistikow in Hour 3.


Alex and Kyle talk with Bill Landis in Hour 1, Chris Solari in Hour 2, and Andruw Jones in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Keith Sargent in Hour 1, Alex Halsted and Paul Banks in Hour 2, and Ed Creech in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk sports in Hour 1, chat with John Hoover and Luis Gonzalez in Hour 2, and discuss Madden ratings in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Flash Gordon in Hour 1, do Love It or Leave It in Hour 2, and preview Penn State with Greg Pickel in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Trevor Hoffman in Hour 1, Johnny Holliday in Hour 2, and do Wouldja in Hour 3.