The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn


Todd and Alex begin Odds and Ends with Lee Sterling in Hour 1, do Love It or Leave It and Touching All Bases with Jack Dahm in Hour 2, and the B1G Hour with Rob Howe featuring


Todd and Alex talk Kernels with Morgan Hawk in Hour 1, talk UNI with Gary Rima in Hour 2, and do the Showdown and get fantasy advice from Tristan Cockroft in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with John Walters in Hour 1, look back on a big weekend in Hour 2, and chat with Marc Morehouse in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex preview the college football season live from FRYfest in Hour 1, chat with Hawkeye legends Ed Podolak and Chuck Long in Hour 2, and bring in Rob Howe for the B1G Hour in Hour


Todd and Alex preview Iowa State with Alex Halsted in Hour 1, NIU play-by-play man Bill Baker and Iowa administrator Charlie Taylor in Hour 2, and do Wouldja in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk UNI football with Gray Rima in Hour 1, do a special edition of the 6 o’ clock Showdown in Hour 2, and Paul Banks and Tristan Cockroft in Hour 3.


Alex and Kyle chat with John Walters in Hour 1, talk MLB with Joe Rivera in Hour 2, and talk national college football with Bill Bender in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk to Tom Kakert and Jack Dahm in Hour 2, and do Love It or Leave It in Hour 3.


Todd discusses the ongoing drama at Ohio State in Hour 1, talks with former Iowa OC Don Patterson and Cubs writer Jesse Rogers in Hour 2, and does the Showdown in Hour 3.

Former Iowa OC Don Patterson

Don Patterson, who coached under Hayden Fry for many years, joined Todd on Wednesday’s show.