The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn

1-18-18 Hour 3

Todd and Alex invite Kyle in to play Wouldja, and listen to Fran McCaffery’s remarks after the Rutgers loss.

1-18-18 Hour 2

Todd and Alex talk Iowa State hoops with Travis Hines of the Ames Tribune.

1-18-18 Hour 1

Todd and Alex talk about the state’s woeful basketball performance last night, and talk about it with The Gazette’s Jeremiah Davis.

1-17-18 Hour 3

Alex and Kyle talk basketball in the state of Iowa, and a little NBA.

1-17-18 Hour 2

Alex and Kyle preview Iowa’s game at Rutgers with The Gazette’s Scott Dochterman.

1-17-18 Hour 1

Alex and Kyle talk with Gary Rima about UNI’s comeback victory over Drake last night.

1-16-18 Hour 3

Todd and Alex continue to discuss some of the sports world’s most riveting topics.

1-16-18 Hour 1

Todd and Alex talk to former Hawkeye Jess Settles about Chris Street, as well as the current team’s struggles.

1-15-18 Hour 3

Todd and Alex talk more NFL Playoffs and a little baseball.

1-15-18 Hour 2

Todd and Alex talk Iowa hoops with Mac McCausland, and preview the Kernels Hot Stove Banquet with Twins catcher Mitch Garver.