The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn

2-8-18 Hour 2

Alex and Kyle talk Iowa football in February, and discuss the NBA Trade Deadline with Colin Ward-Heninger of CBS Sports.

2-8-18 Hour 1

Alex and Kyle talk about the NBA Trade Deadline, Jimmy G’s new deal, and listen to audio from Kirk Ferentz.

2-7-18 Hour 3

Todd and Alex talk Iowa State recruiting with Alex Halsted and do the 6 o Clock Showdown.

2-7-18 Hour 2

Todd and Alex talk Iowa’s recruiting class with Tom Kakert, and discuss the Josh McDaniels saga.

2-6-18 Hour 3

Todd and Alex discuss Malcolm Butler’s inexplicable absence from the field in last weekend’s Super Bowl, and talk Big Ten hoops with former Hawkeye Jess Settles.

2-6-18 Hour 2

Todd and Alex talk to Mark Emmert of the Des Moines Register, and play “Is This News?”

2-6-18 Hour 1

Todd and Alex discuss Iowa-Michigan State, Barry Bonds getting his number retired, and somehow end up talking about the Miami Marlins.

2-5-18 Hour 2

Todd and Alex talk Iowa hoops with Mac McCausland and

2-5-18 Hour 1

Todd and Alex talk look back on the Super Bowl and talk with the voice of the Cyclones, John Walters.

2-2-18 Hour 3

Todd and Rob Howe talk with former Iowa offensive lineman Sean Welsh, and talk Iowa hoops.