The fork in the road

By Todd Brommelkamp/KGYM Radio There’s a highly-coveted position soon to become available on the staff of a National Football League team. It could be that of position coach or perhaps in a team’s player personnel department and

My advice? Punt this one if you can

By Todd Brommelkamp/KGYM Radio INDIANAPOLIS – Michigan played for a Big Ten title Saturday night inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Iowa, by Kirk Ferentz’s admission, played for field position. Is that harsh? Not any more so than the

The cold, hard truth about Iowa Football

By Todd Brommelkamp/KGYM Radio โ€œThe Truth! You canโ€™t handle the truth!โ€ – Col. Nathan Jessep It’s Monday afternoon, almost two full days since then-No. 2 Iowa lost to Purdue in Iowa City, and it’s time to level

Attitude, Timing & A Complicated Legacy

[Full Disclosure: Roy Marble was an avid listener to my various radio shows and late in his life I came to know him personally. I grew up idolizing him and other members of the 1986-1987 Iowa menโ€™s