KGYM Sports View

Changes in HS Football classes?

Scott Unash talks about the proposals to look at changing the classes in Iowa High School Football.

Sports View 5-29: Alex Kuhn

Alex discusses the mess that is the Oakland Raiders.

Marijuana in the NFL

I think there’s a number of reasons why marijuana and its related products should be allowed in sports, and it appears the NFL is getting closer.

That’s on them

Addison Russell is back in a Chicago Cubs uniform. Todd says until he truly owns his past actions Russell and the Cubs organization as a whole should continue to hear from fans on the matter.

Iowa’s Transfer Problem

Isaiah Moss’s transfer away from Iowa means not one of the six members of the 2015 recruiting class made it to a senior season. Kyle unpacks his concerns.

Derby controversy!

Scott Unash talks about the month of May and the ruling in the Kentucky Derby.

Iowa’s Empty Nest

Thanks to a large recruiting class of six players, Fran McCaffery and his staff had a massive opportunity following the 2015 season to build on the program’s first NCAA tourney win since 2001. Following the departure of

The Battle of Winterfell

Listen, I really loved The Battle of Winterfell. It was a top-five episode in the Game of Thrones series, and the action had me as captivated as I’ve ever been from TV or cinema. That said, there