The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn


Todd and Alex bring everyone up to speed with the news coming from NASCAR, and talk about the return of the MLB with Matt Snyder.


Todd and Alex talk about the top news stories in sports, including the vote coming out of the MLB.


Todd and Alex talk about the latest in sports… including athletes on social media, the latest installment of love it or leave it, and many more topics.  


Todd and Alex talk about the future of football in america after a statement from Dr. Faucci. They also talk to John Bohnenkamp about the Iowa program and a little baseball.


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Todd and Alex talk about the surfacing video of Brian Ferentz, they also talk about the future of MLB with Ed Creech of MLB Trade Rumors.


Todd and Alex discuss and look into the implications of the Press Conference with Gary Barta today. They Also have Scott Dochterman of the Athletic on to get his opinion about the program.  


Todd and Alex recap the Iowa Football News Conference, and provide audio from the news conference to the listeners.


Todd and Alex talk the latest in sports including… MLB Drafts, Iowa Football recruitment, and a controversial topic during the second hour of the show that has divided families.