The Todd Brommelkamp Show


Zach Mackey (May 10)

Todd and Alex talk to the voice of Iowa Baseball, Zach Mackey.

Dan Murphy (May 7)

Todd and Alex talk to Dan Murphy about NIL and more during this Friday episode.


Izaya Fullard (May 6)

Todd and Alex talk to Iowa baseball player about his season and the upcoming game.


Dargan Southard (May 5)

Todd and Alex talk to Dargan and spend time talking about Aaron Rodgers.


Colin Ward-Henninger & Brian Dinkleman (May 4)

Collin talks basketball with the guys and Brian Dinkleman, manager of the Cedar Rapids Kernels, talks opening day.


Scott Dochterman (May 3)

Todd and Alex talk to Scott Dochterman about Iowa Athletics on this Monday edition of the show.


Chris Emma (April 30)

Todd and Alex talk to Chris Emma about the draft and the Chicago Bears.


Matt Verderame(April 29)

Todd and Alex talk to Matt about Aaron Rodgers and the NFL Draft.


Adam Teicher (April 28)

Todd and Alex talk to Adam Teicher during this Wednesday edition of Wager Wise.


Ed Creech & Rob Howe (April 27)

Todd and Alex talk to Ed about Baseball and Rob about Iowa Basketball.