The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn


Todd and Alex have a big day talking about the latest from the B1G 10 with John Bohnenkamp. They also talk with the great Nicole Auerbach Senior college football writer at The Athletic.


Todd and Alex have a busy day including the latest from college sports and discuss ISU sports with Jared Stansbury, from the Cyclone Fanatic.


Todd and Alex talk the latest from Iowa Hoops. They talk with assistant Basketball Coach, Billy Taylor. Todd and Alex will dig into the latest sports news from across the country as well.


Todd and Alex start of the show with a wake up call to the MLB. They also talk about the return of Football (Kind of) and give the news of the day in their unique perspectives. They


It is a big day for Todd and Alex. They have audio from the Iowa press conference today. They also break the Husch Blackwell report, and bring on David Eickholt to help them break it down. They


Todd and Alex talk about the latest news from the MLB, the Collegiate world, and other sporting news from around the country. During Hour 2 they have Wager Wise.


In the name of Willie Mays is going on in Baseball! Todd and Alex dig into that exact question with ED Creech from MLB Trade Rumors. They also talk about the news from the Hawkeyes and NFL.


Todd and Alex take a look at the latest news from the MLB… they also dig into the top news stories from around the state and around the country.


Buttons and Alex have a filled show full of updates from the MLB, NBA, and other news stories breaking from around the country. They also have a deep discussion about Collegiate Culture with Gabe Kuhn.


Todd is in a Cubs jersey and hat. What does that mean… It’s MLB opening day! On the show they give an opening day preview, and they tackle the news of the day. They will also dig