The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn

5-10-17 Hour 1

Todd and Alex discuss the idea of a “coach-in-waiting” and find out that Alex doesn’t watch TV.

Hour 3 5-9-17

Two doors were opened for race to win

5-9-17 Hour 2

Phil Miller joins to talk Twins baseball also they guys discuss a proposed new college football rule change involving redshirt eligibility.

5-8-17 Hour 3

The guys talk about Levar Ball’s antics.

5-8-17 Hour 2

Iowa Baseball Coach Rick Heller joins the show.

5-8-17 Hour 1

The guys talk Major League Baseball and discuss Faith Ekakitie being drafted first overall in the CFL Draft.

5-4-17 Hour 3

The guys talk Iowa Football and the Boston Red Sox situation.

5-4-17 Hour 2