The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn

Ed Creech (May 25)

Todd and Alex talk to Ed about MLB news and more.

Todd Rima (May 24)

Todd and Alex talk to Todd Rima about a great Kirkwood Baseball season.

Chris Emma & Luka Garza (May 21)

Todd talks to Chris Emma and talks to recent Iowa graduate, Luka Garza.

Mike Petriello (May 20)

Todd and Alex talk to Mike Petriello of

David Fine (May 19)

Eastern Iowa has a new hockey team and the guys talk about it with David Fine.

Brad Botkin (May 18)

Greg Wyshynski (May 17)

Bill Bender & Phil Miller (May 14)

The Guys talk to Bill Bender about off season college football and they also talk to Phil about the latest in Minnesota Twins baseball.

Brenden Schaeffer (May 13)

Todd and Alex talk to Brenden about the MLB and the St. Louis Cardinals during this Thursday edition of the show.

Tommy Birch (May 12)

Todd and Alex talk to Tommy Birch about the MLB.