The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn


An exciting day for the Todd Brommelkamp show including the new 4:30 showdown.


Todd and Alex talk to Tristan Cockroft (ESPN Fantasy Senior Write). They also talk Wagering with this weeks edition of Wager Wise.


Todd and Alex have a full day talking about MLB and college football.


During this episode Todd and Alex have Bobby Hansen and Mac McCausland on to talk about the passing of Lute Olson.


Todd and Alex talk about the latest in sports, and the latest protesting in sports with Collin Ward-Heninger.


Todd and Alex dig into the Social and sports context of what has happened in Wisconsin.  


Today Todd does something he has always wanted to do in the studio. He and Alex also dig into the latest news from the Sports world and BEYOND.


Todd & Alex talk about the latest including the press conference with Gary Barta with John Bohnenkamp (Hawkeye Maven).


Todd and Alex dig into the news coming out of Iowa City. They have Bill Bender to help facilitate the football side of things. They also dig into sports from around the country to wrap up a


Todd and Alex have a conversation with Scott Dochterman (The Athletic), about the latest B1G news. They also dig into the NBA, MLB, and the rest of the sports world.