The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn


Todd and Alex talk with Gary Pomerantz in Hour 1, Mark Emmert in Hour 2, and Bill Landis in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex do Odds and Ends with Lee Sterling in Hour 1, preview Iowa-Wisconsin with Evan Flood in Hour 2, and put a bow on the Gary Dolphin saga with Rob Howe in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex take your calls and discuss the Gary Dolphin saga in Hour 1, discuss it more with John Bohnenkamp, as well as preview Saints-Cowboys with Mike Triplett in Hour 2, and talk about all kinds


Todd and Alex talk with Dan Murphy in Hour 1, Sherman Dillard and Kyle Boone in Hour 2, and see if a listener can Beat Todd in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex preview Iowa-Nebraska with Brian Christopherson in Hour 1, talk NFL with Howard Balzer and more Iowa football with Rob Howe in Hour 2, and listen to Words with Ferentz in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk Iowa State with Tommy Birch in Hour 1, Iowa with Luke Meredith in Hour 2, and Iowa basketball with Mac McCausland in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Lee Sterling in Hour 1, Bob Asmussen in Hour 2, and George Kittle and Rob Howe in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex preview Packers-Seahawks with Ryan Wood in Hour 1, preview ISU-Texas with Brian Davis in Hour 2, and chat with WWE Superstar Peyton Royce in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Cole Bair in Hour 1, Alex Halsted in Hour 2, and do the Showdown and chat with Tristan Cockroft in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Mark Emmert in Hour 1, Adam Rittenberg in Hour 2, and continue discussing Noah Fant in Hour 3.