The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn


Todd and Alex talk with Mitch Sherman in Hour 1, discuss the possibility of Kareem Hunt with the Bears in Hour 2, and chat with Brian Dinkelman in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with John Walters in Hour 1, Chad Leistikow in Hour 2, and Mac McCausland in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk about stuff in Hour 1, preview Chiefs-Colts with Adam Teicher in Hour 2, and welcome Rob Howe and Amani Hooker in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Gary Rima in Hour 1, Dan Kadar in Hour 2, and Steve Batterson in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Adam Rittenberg in Hour 1, Ryan Wood in Hour 2, and Megan Gustafson in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex discuss the NFL weekend in Hour 1, talk Big Ten hoops with Shon Morris in Hour 2, and discuss –oh yeah, there’s a national championship — in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Chris Emma in Hour 1, discuss Iowa basketball in Hour 2, and Rob Howe and Jake Gervase in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Howard Balzer in Hour 1, Mark Emmert in Hour 2, and Gary Rima in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex look back on the bowl games in Hour 1, talk with Travis Hines in Hour 2, and Tom Kakert in Hour 3.


Todd and Rob Howe speak with Marc Morehouse and Busch Guy in Hour 1, Brent Blum and Brett Hudson in Hour 2, and look ahead to the upcoming bowl games in Hour 3.