The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn

Mike Carmin & Lee Sterling (Oct. 23)

Todd and Alex talk to Mike Carmin during the front half of the show about the Boilermakers and Lee Sterling in the back half about the latest games and picks.

Teddy Greenstein & James Kratch (Oct. 22)

Todd and Alex have a busy day as we get closer an closer to Iowa Football. They have breaking news, and dig into news from the Big 10.

Zach Shaw & Tristian Cockcroft (Oct. 21)

Todd and Alex talk with Tristian Cockcroft about the latest Fantasy questions. They Also talk with Zach Shaw, as we get closer to Iowa Football, during their Countdown to Kickoff segment.


Todd and Alex talk to Jeremy Werner about Illinois football as we have our Countdown to Kickoff continue. They also talk to Scott Dochterman about the latest from Iowa City.


Todd and Alex talk to John Walters about the upcoming Iowa State game. They also talk to Evan Flood as they continue the Countdown to Kickoff. All that plus news from the University of Iowa on today’s


No ISU, No Iowa, No problem. Todd and Alex Continue Countdown To Kickoff with Brian Christopherson to talk about Nebraska Football. They also have their weekly segment with Lee Sterling.


Todd and Alex talk with Bob Flounders (Penn State) to continue their countdown to kickoff.


Todd and Alex have a full show today so to make Button’s life easier… Here is the run down, Tristian Cockroft stops by to answer all your Fantasy Football questions. The Legendary Johnny Holiday stops by to


The Countdown to Kickoff continues with Minnesota broadcaster (and Iowa native) Mike Grimm and Ed Creech discusses the MLB Postseason and the wild rumors surrounding the White Sox and Tony La Russa. Also: Could Tuesday Night Football


Todd & Alex discuss Iowa State’s win over Texas Tech with John Walters, visit Northwestern play-by-play man Dave Eanet during the countdown to kickoff and commiserate over battles with gout.