The Todd Brommelkamp Show with Alex Kuhn


Todd and Alex talk about the latest Sports news from around the nation. They also talk to Travis Hines about the latest open letter from Jamie Pollard.


Todd and Alex talk about Jamie Pollards letter.  They also discuss the news from the weekend, as well as sports and the effect coronavirus has on them.


Todd and Alex talk to Tommy Birch about the continued impact of the B1G decision yesterday, and how it impacts the collegiate world.


Todd and Alex talk about the BREAKING NEWS from the B1G 10, and talk about the implications with Tom Kakert.


Todd and Alex have a full show including the latest cancellation of a sports season and the implication that it has. They also talk about the latest sports news from across the country. On today’s show they


Todd and Alex talk about the latest sports news of the day, bring in their latest segment, and talk to Chris Emma… All of this and more on this exciting edition of the show.


There is plenty to talk about today on The Todd Brommelkamp Show, including…. Akrum Wadley speaking up this week, news from the Ivy League, as well as MLB’s testing debacle.


Todd and Alex talk about the top story of the day… Robert T. Green, who is representing Akrum Wadley and other former Iowa Players. They also talk to Howard Balzer who you may have been looking forward to


Todd and Alex talk about the latest sports news… including the latest from the Iowa Hawkeyes, NFL, and MLB.


Todd and Alex talk the latest plans in the MLB with Dan Hayes, and they also debut a new segment while providing top sports news throughout the show.