KGYM Sports View

Tiger’s Victory at Augusta…what does it mean?

Scott Unash gives his views on the historic day at Augusta National.

Kyle is Hitting the Panic Button on the Cubs

The pitching and fielding have been so much worse than I thought possible. I should’ve known.

Berating officials…and the consequences

Mark Dukes talks about the latest ugly incident with an official being attacked and the consequences.

Hello spring!! It’s the Masters

Scott Unash talks about the coming of Spring and what makes this week’s Masters an American sports institution.

Final Four & Big names

Alex Kuhn comments on the Final Four and the big starts who will not be there, and some that will be there.

The 2019 Men’s Final Four…a look

Mark Dukes gives his thoughts on this year’s version of the Final Four coming up this weekend in Minneapolis.

Thoughts on the Iowa Women’s Basketball season…

Kyle Mann gives his views on the Iowa Women’s Basketball season as it closes with a loss to Baylor.

NCAA Men’s Tourney & Iowa Women

Scott Unash talks about Iowa-Baylor and the NCAA Men’s BKB Tournament