KGYM Sports View

Iowa’s Offensive Problems Run Deep

Kyle believes the Iowa offense is failing across the board in a way it may not be salvageable.

The NFL experience…and bad officiating

Scott Unash talks about his trip to Arrowhead…and bad, bad NFL officiating.

Iowa’s 2019-20 Basketball Season

Kyle thinks Iowa should decide to sit its best player and springboard into NEXT season.

Fundamental Baseball??

Mark Dukes talks about the lack of bunting in the modern day game of Baseball.

Let the complaining begin…

Scott Unash talks about the season of complaining after Iowa’s loss to Michigan.

We’ll Learn About the Hawkeyes This Weekend

The Hawkeyes have produced offensively at a rate we’ve never really seen before. We’ll find out this weekend if it’s for real.

The first month of the B1G Football race

Mark Dukes discusses the first month of Big 10 Football and what lies ahead.