The Todd Brommelkamp Show


June 5

Luka Garza made an announcement earlier today. The Iowa Baseball team fall in the final at the Terra Haute Regional final on Sunday. The Miami Heat steal a game in Denver, are they in the driver’s seat


June 2

The Denver Nuggets win game one of the NBA Finals in a dominant fashion. Is there anything the Heat can do to win the series? a weekend preview for MLB. Kevin Warren and the Bears are “shifting


June 1

The NBA Finals get underway tonight, what chance do the Heat have of making this a series. Is there any way the Heat can slow down Jokic. Beth Goetz has been announced as the interim AD at


May 31

Some game times have been announced for the Iowa Football team next season. How pivotal could the next season be for the Hawkeyes. in honor of the Cheez-It Bowl changing its name to the Pop-Tarts bowl, we


May 30

The Boston Celtics came all the way back to force a game 7 and lost. Where do the Celtics go from here and what chance do the Heat have in the Finals? The Stanley Cup Final is


May 26

Iowa’s AD Gary Barta has announced his retirement. Looking back on his time at Iowa and who does Iowa hire to fill the roll. The Boston Celtics extend their series with the Heat by at least another


May 25

Can the Celtics continue the series tonight in Boston? The Florida Panthers are in the Stanley Cup Finals. Will the Vegas Golden Knights join them? Headlines in MLB from today.


May 24

The Celtics force a game 5. Is this a series now? An interesting poll coming out from the NCAA about student gambling activities. A look at the NHL playoffs and the latest stories in MLB.


May 23

Denver closes out their series against the Lakers. Will the Heat close out the Celtics tonight or can the Celtics force a game 5? John Leo joins the show to talk about the Iowa Baseball team. How


May 22

Both Boston and LA are down 3-0 in the Conference Finals. Is there any chance either team could come back? Kevin Warren made a Big mistake with the Big Ten’s new TV contract. The best story from