The Todd Brommelkamp Show


Chris Emma & Mark Emmert (Nov. 10)

Todd and Alex talk with Chris Emma about the latest from Tony La Russa and dig into all Hawkeye news with Mark Emmert.


Brent Blum & Tom Kakert (Nov. 9)

Todd and Alex talk with Brent Blum about Iowa State and Tom Kakert about Iowa.


Live in Coralville (Nov. 6)

Todd is live from Coralville and has some special guests including a former Hawkeye!


Travis Hines (Nov. 5)

Todd and Alex talk to Travis Hines about the upcoming Iowa State game.


Tristian Cockcroft (Nov. 4)

Todd ad Alex take everybody on trip away from what is politically happening around the world and give you a great show. They will talk about Fantasy Leagues with Tristian and dig into the problems with the


Howard Balzer & Rob Howe (Nov.2)

Todd and Alex talk about the Kirk Ferentz Press conference with Rob Howe and NFL trade with Howard Balzer.


Steve Batterson & John Walters (Nov.2)

Todd and Alex talk to Steve Batterson about the Hawkeyes and John Walters about the Iowa State.


Lee Sterling (Oct. 30)

On this Spooky-ish edition of the show Todd and Alex talk about the upcoming Iowa Game and dig into some weekend picks with Lee.


Paul Banks & Michael Swain (Oct. 29)


Tristian Cockcroft & Wager Wise (Oct. 28)

Todd and Alex talk to Tristian Cockcroft about the latest in Fantasy Sports.