The Todd Brommelkamp Show


December 26

Tristan Cockcroft joins to talk fantasy football Reacting to the NFL games over the holiday weekend an update on the bowl game experiment


December 22

The annual Festivus edition of the show Are the Dodgers ruining baseball? Reacting to college basketball from last night.


December 21

Cooper Dejean and the NFL draft Christmas came early again… but for Todd! and best Christmas movie ever is…. More bowl games to come!


December 20

John Steppe talks Hawkeye football at 7:40a Wager Wise What’s in the bag at 7:20a We. Have. Beef. 8:35a.


December 19

Tristan Cockcroft stops by at 8:20a Would you bet on Brock? Quick look at the NBA  


December 18

Let’s talk bowl games! Secret Santa has delivered! Is Brock Purdy headed for the title of MVP?  


December 15

Todd picks every single bowl game Iowa men and women back in action this weekend Reaction to a blowout Thursday Night Football game.  


December 14

Lee Sterling’s Citrus Bowl pick at 8:20a Heartlanders leading scorer Davis Koch at 8:05a Do we have beef in the NBA? Secret Santa Update


December 13

John Steppe talks Hawkeyes at 7:40 Wager Wise at 8:20 Wheel of Beef! Drinkable Doritos?


December 12

Caitlin Clark lands another major NIL deal, plus a reason for celebration (?) in Iowa City An idea for the future of the CFP? Plenty of teams are still alive in the NFL playoff picture NBA losing