The Todd Brommelkamp Show

Gary Rima & Rob Howe (April 7)

Todd and Alex talk to Gary about UNI and Rob Howe about Iowa.

Phil Miller & Tom Kakert (April 6)

Todd and Alex talk to Tom Kakert about Iowa football and Luka Garza. They also talk to Phil Miller about the Twins and the MLB.

Mike DeCourcy & Mac McCausland (April 5)

Todd and Alex talk to Mike and Mac on this Monday edition of The Todd Brommelkamp Show W/ Alex Kuhn.

Brenden Schaeffer (April 2)

Todd and Alex talk to Brenden about the latest in MLB including the Cardinals.

Scott Dochterman (April 1)

Todd and Alex talk to Scott Dochterman, dig into opening day, and bring up the latest news from around the country.

Gary Rima (March 31)

Gary Rima talks to Todd and Alex about the latest in FCS Football, the Panthers, and they touch on name, image, and likeness.

Jordan Bohannon & Ed Creech (March 30)

Todd and Alex talk to Ed Creech about the MLB and Jordan about a topic very important to the Hawkeye.

Matt Verderame & Mac McCausland (March 29)

Todd and Alex talk to Matt and Mac on this busy and WINDY Monday.

Adam Rittenberg (March 26)

Todd and Alex talk college basketball with Adam Rittenberg.

Chris Emma & Colin Ward-Henninger (March 25)