The Todd Brommelkamp Show


Hour 1- The guys spend the entire hour gearing you up for the CY-Hawk Men’s game. Hour 2-  Jess Settles from the Big Ten Networks as well as Ed Creech of MLB Trade Rumors join the program.


Hour 1- The guys break down the bombshell news that Gerrit Cole is heading to the New York Yankees. They also address whether Kirk Ferentz is a top 150 coach of all time. Hour 2- Dargan Southard


Hour 1- The guys recap Iowa’s win over Minnesota last night. John Bohnenkamp of Hawkeye Maven joins the show. Hour 2- ESPN Fantasy Football expert Tristan Cockroft answers all of you lineup questions. Hour 3- NFL analyst


Hour 1: Todd and Alex break down Iowa and Iowa State’s bowl matchups and chat with Cyclones paly-by-play voice John Walters. Hour 2: Big Ten Bowl Talk ands Scott Dochterman of The Athletic talks Iowa Football and


Alex and Kyle talk with Lee Sterling in Hour 1, Thomas Beindit in Hour 2, and Rob Howe in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Howard Griffith in Hour 1, John Hoover and Randy Peterson in Hour 2, and discuss Iowa basketball during Wouldja in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Gary Rima in Hour 1, Bill Bender in Hour 2, and Tristan Cockroft in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Vinnie Iyer in Hour 1, Tom Kakert and Alex Halsted in Hour 2, and talk about Matt Campbell’s extension in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with John Walters in Hour 1, Mark Emmert in Hour 2, and Mac McCausland in Hour 3.


Todd and Alex talk with Nick Petaros in Hour 1, Lee Sterling in Hour 2, and Jake Reed and Tristan Cockroft in Hour 3.