The Todd Brommelkamp Show


John Walters & Rob Howe (Nov. 23)

Alex talks to John Walters and Rob Howe while Buttons contemplates his nickname and if the name Tony Meatballs means anything to him.


Lee Sterling (Nov. 20)

Todd and Alex have a great conversation with Lee Sterling.


Brent Blum (Nov. 19)


Chad Leistikow (Nov. 17)

Todd and Alex talk to Chad Leistikow on this Episode of The Todd Brommelkamp Show w/ Alex Kuhn.


John Walters & David Eickholt (Nov. 6)

Buttons is in while Todd is away!


Iowa Football and Lee Sterling (Nov. 13)

Todd and Alex talk with Lee Sterling about the best plays this weekend and an Iowa Football Game that is on right after the show.


Ryan Burns & Matt Verderame (Nov. 12)

Todd and Alex talk to Ryan Burns about the Hawkeye football game and they also talk to Matt Verderame about the upcoming NFL weekend.


Tristian Cockcroft (Nov. 11)

Todd and Alex talk with Tristian about fantasy sports and they talk to Jake from the Elite Sportsbook during their weekly segemnt, Wager Wise.


Chris Emma & Mark Emmert (Nov. 10)

Todd and Alex talk with Chris Emma about the latest from Tony La Russa and dig into all Hawkeye news with Mark Emmert.


Brent Blum & Tom Kakert (Nov. 9)

Todd and Alex talk with Brent Blum about Iowa State and Tom Kakert about Iowa.