The Gym Class

Jeff Johnson (April 21)

– Jeff Johnson on today’s breaking news and more – Jay Wright stepping away at Nova – Changing the song for “The Wave” at Kinnick – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

CaddySmack (April 20)

– Our bi-weekly golf show, “Caddysmack,” with Bryan Haas – UNI’s A.J. Green enters the portal – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

Rob Gray (April 19)

– Rob Gray from the Cyclone beat – A golfer (not just any golfer) with 1 career varsity competition agrees to a NIL deal with Hooters. – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

April 18

– ISU’s Tyrese Hunter in the transfer portal. Nearly every program is learning: The portal giveth, the portal taketh. – Why Spieth is one of the classiest athletes around. – First impressions of the USFL – Emil’s

April 15

The guys discuss why we continue to have problems in America with abuse of officials by coaches/parents/fans. Recent incidents in Fort Madison, Mississippi and Texas.

Chris Liss (April 13)

– Chris Liss on fantasy baseball and football – 80 pitches, 7 IP, perfect game. Agree with pulling Kershaw today? – Bowling Night in America preview – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

April 12

– MLB: Did you know humidors were a thing? … What’s going right with rules changes? … Poll has no manager in Top 15 of best coaches all-time. So who is? – Iowa football and basketball news.

April 11

– Digesting The Masters… Scheffler, Tiger, ratings and more. – Ex-Hawkeye Joe Touissant lands at West Virginia. – Early season MLB impressions. – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

Jeff Johnson (April 8)

– CR Gazette sports writer Jeff Johnson – Remembering C.R. Washington Hall of Fame coach Don King. – Latest from round 2 of The Masters – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

Kevin Lehman (April 7)

– Final “Off The Glass” hoops segment of the season with Kevin Lehmans – Latest from The Masters – Opening day of MLB – Bowling Night in America recap – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard