The Gym Class


Friday Topic (April 23)

Scott and Mark talk injured players and more during the Friday Topic.


April 22

Scott and Mark talk everything under the sun during this episode.


Caddysmack (April 21)

Scott and Mark talk to Brian Haas and Steve Koepke on this episode.


Cole Bair (April 20)

Scott and Mark talk to Cole Bair about the UNI Panthers and more on this Tuesday edition.


David Eickholt (April 19)

Scott and Mark talk to David about Spring Football and the latest former Hawkeye in the Transfer Portal.


Leah Vann & Tyler Stith (April 16)

Scott and Mark talk to Gazette newcomer,  Leah Vann, about her new job covering the Hawks. They also talk to Tyler Stith about Hawkeye golf.


Joe Rivera (April 15)

Scott and Mark talk to Joe Rivera about the ups and downs of the 2021 MLB season.


Ben Visser (April 14)

Scott and Mark talk to Ben Visser about everything Iowa State.


Weather and Sports (April 13)

Scott and Mark talk news of the day and they ask the question, “What is the worst weather you have played in or watched an event in?”  


April 12th

Scott and Mark breakdown the weekend that was and discuss some of the top stories from the state and beyond as it relates to the sports world.