The Gym Class


Justin Webster (August 12)

The Gym Class talks local racing with Justin Webster. We also discuss everything Field of Dreams on a history making day of baseball in Dyersville.


Caddysmack (August 11)

Brian Hass joins The Gym Class for Caddysmack.


Craig Sesker (August 10)

The Gym Class talks the Derecho one year later and what it means from a sports stand point. They also speak to Craig Sesker on his new book “Home Sweet Dome” on playoff-era prep football.


August 9

The Gym Class discusses Iowa State football media day, Iowa preps going to a shot clock, RIP Bobby Bowden and Markie Post, and a weekend rewind including Olympics.


August 6


Adam Rittenberg (August 5)

The Gym Class speaks with Adam Rittenberg from They talk College Football, Conference Realignment, and more!


Chris Liss (August 4)

The Gym Class talks fantasy sports with Chris Liss from


Phil Steel (August 3)

The Gym Class talks with Phil Steel about everything College Football. We also discuss a big change in the PGA schedule for 2021-2022, and more!


August 02

The Gym Class talks the weekend that was in the world of sports, MLB, State Baseball, and more.


Pat Cobb/ Rob Gray (July 30)

Mark flies solo on a Friday afternoon with The Gym Class. It’s a busy day going into the weekend with a Flurry at the MLB trade deadline. We speak with Pat Cobb on the Zach Johnson Foundation