The Gym Class


Buttons and Mark have a full day full of prep sports, MLB game cancellations, and Jeff Johnson stops by to help them understand the High School football season better.


Buttons and Mark Brings you the news of the day from MLB and High School athletics. They also ask about the rules in sports that should be eliminated.


The guys are reunited with the legendary, Dave Cokin, for opening day insight. They also talk with Cedar Rapidian, K.J. Pilcher about High School Baseball and some wrestling. They also will talk about the top news stories


A full show was on tap. Scott and Mark had Chris Liss on to answer fantasy baseball questions. They also talked to Jeff Linder about the state softball tournament.


Scott and Mark talk about the latest sports affected by COVID-19. They also give a preview of the upcoming MLB games.


Scott and Mark talk about the latest in sports. They also ask listeners… “what is your favorite sports memorabilia?”


It’s another great episode of Caddysmack on the Gym Class with the great Brian Haas.


Scott and Mark talk about the latest news from across the region. They also talk to Mark Jaynes about the upcoming racing events in Iowa.


Mark and Scott talk about news from the weekend, and Jamie Pollards open letter to fans. They also talk to Jeff Linder about his article about movie fall sports to the spring.


Buttons and Mark talk about the news of the day… this includes the thoughts about the downfall of non conference play, and the future of high school sports. They also have a great segment with Marco Andretti