The Gym Class


Weather and Sports (April 13)

Scott and Mark talk news of the day and they ask the question, “What is the worst weather you have played in or watched an event in?”  


April 12th

Scott and Mark breakdown the weekend that was and discuss some of the top stories from the state and beyond as it relates to the sports world.


Scott Dochterman (April 9)

Scott and Mark talk to Dochterman during this Friday edition of The Gym Class.


Kevin Lehman (April 8)

Scott and Mark talk to Kevin for the last time this year.


Caddysmack (April 7)

The Gym Class starts their first episode of Caddysmack for 2021 with Brian Haas.


Mike Petriello (April 6)

Scott and Mark talk to Mike about the beginning of the MLB season and what you can expect.


Mike Hlas (April 5)

Scott and Mark talk basketball and local sports with Mike Hlas.


Dan Shonka (April 2)

Scott and Mark talk to Dan Shonka about Scouting and more.


Kevin Lehman & Blake Boldon (April 1)

Scott and Mark talk to Kevin about basketball and Blake about the Drake Relays in 2021.


Mark Ironside (March 31)

Scott and Mark talk to Mark Ironside about college wrestling and Name, Image, and likeness on this episode of the Gym Class.