The Gym Class


November 6

The weekend in the rear-view mirror: Iowa shades NW, ISU still looking for #6, the national landscape, NFL and more College hoops begin and MLB hot stove heats up. Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and Pick 6 results


November 3

Last look and your views on the weekend in college and pro football The preps continue quarterfinal round play tonight Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and pick 6


November 2

Pirates all-star and CR product Mitch Keller. Cole Bair from the Panther camp. RIP Bob Knight. Bowling Night in America recap. Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard.  


November 1

24-hour rule reax to Brian, Kirk and Beth.  Chris Liss tackling your fantasy football questions Big 12 football scheduling model is out Bowling Night in America preview Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


October 31

Reactions to Kirk Ferentz news conference. Cal Eldred on the World Series. Latest on the NFL trade deadline. Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard.


October 30

David Eickholt reporting Brian Ferentz will not return in 2024 (hear him little after 3) Iowa and ISU tied for league leads, plus impressions from CFB, NFL and World Series Game 3 Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and pick


October 27

The World Series begins tonight. Who ya got? Last look at the CFB (ISU-Baylor) and NFL weekend. NIT snubs mid-majors Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and Pick 6


October 26

Jeff Linder with views on state volleyball, cross country and football playoffs, and Iowa WBB McNamara affirms his return; Shannon and other still wait for NCAA Bowling in Night in America recap


October 25

Chris Liss takes your fantasy questions The World Series is set. Impressions? ISU readies for Baylor, and Iowa players meet media Bowling Night in America preview Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard.


October 24

Cal Eldred on NLCS Game 7 tonight, possible matchups in the World Series and more The number of one-loss NFL teams has quickly been reduced to two. MNF reax Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard