The Gym Class

Mike Hlas (Dec. 28)

Scott and Mark talk to Mike Hlas.

Kevin Lehman (Dec. 23)

Scott and Mark talk to Kevin Lehman about what else…… BASKETBALL!

J.J. & Wyatt Shultz (Dec. 22)

Jeff Johnson talks to Scott and Mark about the latest news from the University of Iowa Football Program. Wyatt, than, talks to the guys about High School wrestling from around Eastern Iowa.

Mike Hlas (Dec. 21)

Mike talks about Iowa, Iowa State, and the Bowl Season.

Eric Bailey (Dec 18)

Scott and Mark talk about Iowa State vs. Oklahoma.

Rob Gray & Kevin Lehman (Dec. 17)

Scott and Mark talk to Rob about the upcoming Iowa State game and Kevin Lehman about this weekends Iowa/Gonzaga Matchup!

Chris Liss (Dec 16)

Scott and Mark find an old friend, dig into some forgotten favorites, and talk to Chris Liss about his picks for the week.

Wyatt Schultz (Dec. 15)

Scott and Mark talk to Wyatt Schultz about High School wrestling!

Mike Hlas (Nov. 14)

Scott and Mark talk to Mike Hlas about the latest from Iowa football and basketball!

Zach Hanley (Dec. 11)

Scott and Mark talk to Former Iowan turned Wisconsin (ite) Zach Hanley.