The Gym Class

November 14

– Storylines from CFB and NFL weekend: Improbable finishes, conference clarity/confusion, upsets and more. – Drilling down on Iowa win and ISU loss and what’s possible.  – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and Pick 6 results

Pick 6 (November 11)

– Last look at the weekend in CFB and NFL – Xavier is headed to the ‘ship in prep football. Who else? – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and Pick 6.

Chris Liss (November 9)

– Former MLB player and coach Cal Eldred puts a wrap on the baseball season. – Chris Liss addresses your fantasy football questions – Bowling Night in America preview – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

November 8

– What Kirk and others in the Iowa camp had to say. – What did we learn on the opening night of college hoops? – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

November 7

– What we learned from the CFB weekend, and what to expect down the home stretch. – Hoops season is upon us just as baseball concludes – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and Pick 6 results

Pick 6 (November 4)

– Final look at the CFB weekend, prep quarterfinals and more. – Astros on the verge. – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and Pick 6.

Kevin Lehman (November 3)

– Kevin Lehman on the start of college hoops – World Series, state volleyball. – Bowling Night in America recap – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard

Mitch Keller (November 2)

– Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher and Cedar Rapidian Mitch Keller on his season and the future – Mike Carmin with the Purdue side of things. – Bowling Night in America preview; World Series, state VB – Emil’s Hideaway

Cal Eldred (November 1)

– Cal Eldred on the World Series and other baseball matters – Flurry of action at the NFL trade deadline. – What Kirk had to say; Iowa men’s hoops reax and state volleyball updates – Emil’s Hideaway

October 31

– Dissecting Iowa’s win, ISU’s loss and the rest of the football weekend. – Another Michigan tunnel incident. – Busy Monday with World Series Game 3, MNF and that Bachelor thing. – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard and Pick 6