The Gym Class

May 10

Scott and Mark talk about the comings and goings in the sports world on this May Monday.

Austin Ash (May 7)

Mark talks to Austin about his career at Iowa and his future with the program.

What in the Ángel Hernández are these new rules? (May 6)

Scott and Mark talk about rules in college basketball, the latest from the MLB, and a Wednesday night ejection that is to close to home.

Caddysmack Ft. Tyler Stith (May 5)

Scott, Mark, and Brian talk to Tyler about the season of Iowa Hawkeye Golf that was.

Jeff Johnson (May 4)

Scott and Mark talk to Jeff Johnson on his birthday as the Cedar Rapids Kernels open up their season.

Dan Shonka (May 3)

Scott and Mark talk to Dan Shonka during a wrap up of the NFL Draft. Plus all week long they giveaway tickets to Hawkeye Downs.

Barry Abrams (April 30)

Scott and Mark talk to the great Barry Abrams about the upcoming Kentucky Derby.

Scott Dochterman (April 29)

Scott and Mark talk to Dochterman about the Hawkeyes and Draft night.

Chris Liss (April 28)

Scott and Mark talk to Chris Liss from

Jordan Bohannon talk and more (April 27)

Scott and Mark talk PGA, draft, and breakdown the conference with Jordan Bohannon.