The Gym Class


Mark and Buttons talk about the top sports moments of all time. They also talk about the top sports news from the day including more players dropping from college football.


Scott and Mark have a A chat with IHSAA executive director Tom Keating, and it is sure interesting and informative. They also talk about other top sports news from the day.


Scott and mark talk about the latest from the B1G’s plans for the fall season. They also talk to Chris Liss (, about all your fantasy sports needs.


Scott and Mark talk about the prep football “transfer portal,” Big 12’s latest plan, and other stories from the sports world.


News from the weekend is on the docket for today’s Gym Class. THE BIGGEST story of the week will be discussed with Sports columnist, Mike Hlas.


Mark and Buttons have a busy day of news including an update from the Pac 12. They also have news from the MLB, NHL, NBA, and Big 10. During the back half of the show they also


Scott and Mark break down the Husch Blackwell report from Kansas City and what it means for the University of Iowa.    


Scott and Mark talk golf on this weeks episode of Caddysmack. As always they are joined by Brian Haas, answering questions that listeners may have. The duo also dig into today’s headlines from the sports world.


Scott Dochterman, of the The Athletic, join the Gym Class today Also Buttons and mark feast on a smorgasbord of topics…  COVID sports-related news near and far, good and bad & ISU replacing Iowa with Ball State.


Buttons and Mark have a full day full of prep sports, MLB game cancellations, and Jeff Johnson stops by to help them understand the High School football season better.