The Gym Class

Goodbye Buttons (June 18)

Mark says goodbye to a producer and they dig into memories with their fathers.


US Open and MLB talk

Caddysmack (June 16)

Brian Haas joins Scott and Mark during Caddysmack.

June 14th

Scott and Mark talk the weekend in sports, Buttons talks Westminster Dog Show, and a sad announcement.

Scott Dochterman

Mark talks to Dochterman about Iowa Sports and Buttons talks Westminster Dog Show.

Chris Liss & Carson Schaake (June 9)

Bob Harig

June 7th

Scott and Mark talk about the Weekend that was during this episode of The Gym Class.

Mental health and traveling to history (June 4)

Mark and Buttons talk about Mental health and how it relates to the sports world, and they also talk about listeners’ greatest sports moments they have seen.

Barry Abrams (June 3)

Scott and Mark talk to Barry Abrams about the sport of kings.