The Gym Class


Jeff Linder (May 17)

– CR Gazette sports writer Jeff Linder on the state track meet and more. – PGA news – NIL comes to the high school ranks – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


May 16

The guys talk the weekend that was in sports, and much more.


May 13

– Friday topic, in honor of Rich Strike: Your favorite one-offs/one-hit wonders in sports history. – Examining the NFL schedules – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


Adam Rittenberg (May 12)

– Adam Rittenberg on college sports and the changing landscape – Iowa AD Gary Barta has an idea regarding transfers – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


Mike Petriello (May 11)

– Mike Petriello on MLB – Iowa hoops aide Kirk Speraw is retiring. Is Kris Murray now staying? – A no-hitter, and nearly two, in MLB last night. – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


Chris Liss (May 10)

– Chris Liss on fantasy sports – Speaking of … a fantasy football loser somehow got into U.S. Open golf qualifying … and shot 112. – Kris Murray joins brother Keegan as a NBA Combine invitee. And?


May 9

– Trying to put the Kentucky Derby result in perspective – MLB: Chicago squads heading in opposite directions – UNI’s A.J. Green testing pro waters further. – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


May 6

– Friday topic: Top athletes who you despise the most. – Trip around baseball, including former Kernels getting his first big-league start tonight. – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


Barry Abrams (May 5)

– Barry Abrams gets us and you ready for Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, including insight into an Iowa horse. – What would Iowa hoops look like without either Murray? (don’t panic) -Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


CaddySmack (May 4)

– Bi-weekly golf edition of Caddysmack with pro Bryan Haas and special guest Brown Deer Golf pro Sean McCarty, who will be playing in the PGA Championship – ISU hoops starter will return -Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard