The Gym Class

KJ Pilcher (June 29)

Scott and Mark speak with KJ Pilcher from The CR Gazette about off season Wrestling, High School Baseball.

June 28

The Gym Class begins a new week looking back at what happened in the sports world over the weekend, they talk about the match up for the Big 10 ACC Shootouts, Iowa Football recruit, and Major League

Matt Balvanz (June 25)

On a Friday episode Mark Dukes talks the new NIL program, and speaks with Matt Balvanz from Navigate Research about evaluating what a 12 team college football playoff may be valued at.

Justin Webster (June 24)

The Gym Class talks local racing with Justin Webster from The CR Gazette.

Chris Liss (June 23)

Scott and Mark talk with Chris Liss from

RJ Anderson (June 22)

Scott and Mark talk Baseball with RJ Anderson from

(June 21)

Scott and Mark talk everything sports.

Goodbye Buttons (June 18)

Mark says goodbye to a producer and they dig into memories with their fathers.


US Open and MLB talk

Caddysmack (June 16)

Brian Haas joins Scott and Mark during Caddysmack.