The Gym Class


June 13

– Plenty to unpack from the weekend … Rory snubs Norman … Phil speaks at US Open … Mo Donegal … LaRussa in the crosshairs … NBA. – RIP Frank Howell – Win tickets to the John


Rick Reilly (June 10)

– Sportswriter/author Rick Reilly discusses his new book. He’ll be speaking in Cedar Rapids Monday night – Big 12 expansion official but can OU and Texas afford the exit fee before 2025? – Friday topic and Emil’s Hideaway


Barry Abrams (June 9)

– Barry Abrams on the Belmont Stakes – Fran adds a familiar face/name to his coaching staff – PGA suspends 17 players – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


Chris Liss (June 8)

The guys talk Fantasy Sports with Chris Liss, and more.


June 7

– CR Gazette writer Jeff Johnson – It’s not Caddysmack today, but more huge stories out of the golf world – Win tickets to see the George Halas/Bears exhibit at the Czech Museum. – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


June 6

– Phil Mickelson getting a bundle to play on the Saudi-backed LIV Tour. – The Longest Day in Golf and an Eastern Iowan is in the thick of things. – NBA, NHL winding to the finish line


June 3

– Friday topic: If you could get a do-over for any team or individual in sports, what would it be? 319-366-1600 – Another Hawkeye headed for Purdue – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


Justin Webster (June 2)

– Justin Webster on auto racing – Wrapping up the NBA Draft class, including A.J. Green decision. – NFL QBs masquerading as golfers #THEMATCH2022 – Emil’s Hideaway Scoreboard


CaddySmack (June 1)

– Our bi-weekly golf show “Caddysmack” with pro Bryan Haas – The Kris Murray verdict is in. – Emil’s hideaway Scoreboard


R.J. Anderson (May 31)

Scott and Mark discuss the weekend that was in sports, and talk baseball with R.J. Anderson.