The Gym Class


Mike Hlas (August 30)

It’s game week, and we kick it off on The Gym Class with Gazette Sports columnist Mike Hlas. Scott and Mark review Illinois-Nebraska, BMW phenomenal finish and more. We also remember Ed Asner who passed away at


August 27

Football is here, at least high school and college. We’ll dive in to that. We also have updates on the Iowa depth chart and BMW Championships.


Jeff Johnson (August 26)

Gazette sportswriter Jeff Johnson joins the Gym Class today. We also discuss the Pac-12 not expanding their membership, and remember a local player who was taken five times in the MLB draft, and later became a local


Caddysmack (August 25)

Brian Hass joins The Gym Class on a Wednesday for the final edition of Caddysmack this season.


Ben Visser (August 24)

The Alliance is with us. What it all means, or may mean. Ben Visser from The Cedar Rapids Gazette brings us up to speed on the Cyclones.


August 23

The Gym Class begins a new week with a sendoff to a giant in the wrestling world, G. Wyatt Schultz. We start talking some football, The Northern Trust wraps up and more.


August 19

The Gym Class has a wide-ranging discussion on what we expect to see in college football. Nothing off the table. IndyCar return to Iowa is official, Bill Freehan remembered, and Packers reveal alt unis.


Tom Kakert (August 17)

The Gym Class speaks with Tom Kakert as he evaluates the Iowa football weekend. We also discuss Field of Dreams next year with a 2022 date now set, and more.


August 16

The Gym Class is back on a Monday afternoon. We discuss everything from Iowa Football, Field of Dreams future, AP college football poll, a Hawkeye gold medalist and more!


Justin Webster (August 12)

The Gym Class talks local racing with Justin Webster. We also discuss everything Field of Dreams on a history making day of baseball in Dyersville.