The Gym Class


George Blaha (Nov. 6)

Scott and Mark preview the upcoming Iowa vs. Michigan State game.


Bob Herrig & John Morris (Nov. 5)

Scott and Mark talk to Bob Herrig about the PGA and John Morris about Baylor football.


Chris Liss (Nov. 4)

Scott and Mark talk to Chris Liss about your fantasy questions and the reminisce after the lose of a old friend.


Cal Eldred (Nov. 3)

Scott and Mark talk with the Royals Pitching Coach as they wrap up an unprecedented MLB Season.


Mike Hlas (Nov. 2)

Scott and Mark talk with Mike Hlas about this past weekend’s Hawkeye game.


Tom Kakert (Oct. 30)

Scott and Mark talk to Tom Kakert about the upcoming Hawkeye Game.


Dave Eanet & Jeff Linder (Oct. 29)

Scott and Mark talk to Dave Eanet about the upcoming Iowa game and Jeff Linder about the upcoming event at Xtream Arena and other topics on The Gym Class.


Chris Liss (Oct. 28)

Scott and Mark talk with Chris Liss about the latest in Fantasy Football.


Cal Eldred (Oct. 27)

Cal Stops by to talk Baseball with Scott and Mark.


Mike Hlas (Oct. 26)

Scott and Mark talked to Mike Hlas about a Hawkeye loss and what the first game of the COVID season was like in person.