The Gym Class


Scott and Mark talk with Kansas City Pitching Coach Cal Eldred on just about everything about the sport of baseball. On top of the some sad news about the national spelling bee that our producer,Buttons, is devastated


Today Scott and Mark give an update on Iowan Life and talk to Dave Cokin about his Las Vegas perspective and Kevin Lehman, as he will put a wrap on the world of basketball. Click here to


Scott Unash arrives from his vacation to a totally different world of sports and he, along side Mark Dukes, interviews Mike Hlas! Click here to listen to the latest PODCAST!


Alex and Mark talk about the world of sports and get MARK IRONSIDE’S POINT-OF-VIEW on the outcome of the 2019-2020 winter wrestling season.   Click here to listen to the Podcast!


Mark and Alex talk with Dick Simmons about how the events of the NCAA D3 wrestling tournament in Cedar Rapids unfolded. Click here to listen to the podcast!


Scott and Mark talk with Kevin Lehman and get his opinion on the basketball tournaments, and the guys give their takes on unprecedented actions taken by many sporting organizations. Click here to listen to this podcast!


Former Iowa star basketball player Glenn Vidnovic joins the program.